Our Software Maintenance Plan is a cost effective and comprehensive program which allows subscriber to receive priority email support, live chat support service, software upgrades and bug fix releases at no additional cost during the protection period.

Subscribing to the Navicat Maintenance Plan allows your organization to keep up with the latest development of the software, and take advantages of the latest and improved features in Navicat.

The cost of Navicat Software Maintenance is determined by its product price, and is calculated as follows:

Maintenance Plan Cost

1st Year 25% of license price

2nd Year 20% of license price

3rd Year 10% of license price

Protection Period:

The protection period begins on the day you purchase the product license and extends for a period of exactly 12 , 24 or 36 months, depending on whether you purchase the 1 year, 2-year or 3-year option.

For each purchase of Navicat, customers are given 90 days of complimentary maintenance period as of the purchase date. During the 90 days, customer will be protected under our complimentary software maintenance plan and enjoy priority support service. It’s also the time for customers to consider if you would like to subscribe to our maintenance plan.

All subscription to Software Maintenance Plan must be done on the day of the license purchase, or latest within 90 days after your purchase. The start date of your Software Maintenance Plan will be the purchase date of the license.

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