If you lost your phone, or your mobile authenticator app is not working, you should disable or reset two-step verification in Navicat Cloud Portal.

  1. Sign in to Navicat Cloud Portal.
  2. Enter your Navicat ID and password.
  3. Click I need help.
  4. You can turn off two-step verification using the 16-digit emergency backup code given to you when you first turned on two-step verification. Or, if you lose your backup code, you can request a new backup code to the backup email on file.
  5. If you’re still unable to log in to your Navicat Cloud account, please contact Navicat Support Center.

Once you disable two-step verification, you can sign in to your Navicat Cloud account using only your email and password. We strongly recommend you turn two-step verification back on from the Security tab of your Navicat ID account settings.


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