Navicat upgrade policy allows customers to obtain minor software updates and bug fixes free of charge. Alternatively, customers may upgrade to a major release at a discounted price with a Navicat Upgrade License.

If a major software upgrade releases within 90 days of the customer's purchase date, the customer will be entitled to receive the major software upgrade at no extra cost.

Software Updates (Minor release)
Software updates are minor releases that include minor feature additions, enhancements and fixes within the same version number, e.g. 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, etc. All registered users will receive complimentary software updates of the version they purchase.

Software Upgrades (Major release)
Software upgrades are major releases in which more functions/features have been changed or added to the software. Major releases are indicated by its version number, i.e. 15.0, 16.0, etc. An Upgrade License is required for each Software Upgrade. Alternatively, customers who are currently subscribed to a Navicat Software Maintenance Plan will also receive free software upgrades.


* The old license key will be invalid after upgrade license
* Upgrade only available for license in version 10 or above

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