Navicat is commonly used by individual or in various educational and non-profit organizations for daily Database administration.

If you plan to purchase yourself a license, and you are the only person planning to use that license or an educational institution / a non-profit organizations, then the non-commercial License is for you.

Non-commercial license costs cheaper than the Enterprise or Standard license, but gets the same functionality.

For educational or non-profit use, you are eligible for the non-commercial license if you are one of the below accredited bodies.

  • School
  • Library
  • College
  • University
  • Museum
  • Research Institute
  • Church
  • Charitable organization

For individual, if you are a natural person and not a corporation, company, partnership or association or other entity or organization and will not use the product for commercial purpose, you are eligible for the non-commercial license too. Any other use requires the purchase of a full commercial license.

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