Yes, we offer Site License for Navicat. The Navicat Site License Program (SLP) allows corporation or institutions the right to use a specific number of Navicat licenses concurrently in one physical location. Our Site License Program maximizes productivity and minimizes license cost in which Navicat is required by multiple departments across the organization.

SLP Level - SLP Site Seats
A - 10
B - 20
C - 40
D - 70
E - 100

Site Definition

Navicat Site License Program allows user to install Navicat in one physical location. "One physical location" means one building or one contiguous group of buildings which is defined as the physical address (location) of the site license in the sales contract.

Site Seats

Site Seats are the maximum number of users using the software concurrently within the Site.


Deployment of software is allowed to all machines only at the Site specified in the sales contract. User is forbidden to deploy the software in locations other than those specifically listed in the sales contract, including new buildings erected at the licensed location or any locations acquired by the licensed location. Adding Locations: If a licensed location grows through acquisition or development of new building structures, those locations may be licensed by upgrading the site license to include the new physical locations. The number of individuals at the new locations may be added to the original number in the first purchase to determine the pricing tier. The delta between the current price for the total amount of individuals and the current price of the number of individuals on the first purchase will be the cost of the upgrade.


Pricing is determined by the type of organization (Corporate, Government and Academic), the editions of Navicat, and the total number of Site Seats for the Site at the time of purchase.

NOTE: PremiumSoft preserves the right to make the final decision on SLP category for which an organization is qualified to use.

Navicat Site License Program requires a signed sales contract that specifies the site location covered by the license. For more details and pricing on Navicat Site License Program, please contact Navicat Sales Team at: sales @

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