You can only migrate settings within the same major and minor release. For example, Navicat Monitor v1.1.x only accept v1.1.y zip file.

First let's export the Navicat Monitor settings from your old server.

  1. Go to Configurations.
  2. Click Export Monitor Settings.
  3. In the Export Monitor Settings window, click Download Monitor Settings Zip.
  4. If you are migrating the application server, you must deactivate all Token Keys in the Activation page before activating them in a new application server.

After you installed Navicat Monitor on a new server, you can import the Monitor Settings file (the exported zip file) in Initial Settings.

  1. Start and open Navicat Monitor.
  2. Click Import Monitor Settings.
  3. Drop or browse the zip file to upload it.
  4. After the settings are imported, click Continue.
  5. Modify the repository database settings if necessary.
  6. Click Restore Monitor Settings.
  7. If the restoration is successful, click Continue.
  8. All existing tokens are listed. Click Activate if you want to activate them now. And then, click Continue.
  9. Allocate the activated tokens to licenses existing instances.
  10. Click Finish.

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