Apply OS: Windows Vista

Apply Navicat Product: All

Apply Navicat Version No.: All

As Windows Vista introduces an User Account Control feature, with the feature enabled (by default it is enabled), when you try to save files into C:\Program Files\ path, it will save the files "implicitly" under another path instead. (it's something called Virtual Store)

Method 1

Follow the path and browse to C:\Program Files\PremiumSoft\Navicat\......\, see if you can locate your connection name and then the database folder. Click the button "Compatibility Files" as shown. It should then direct you to another directory.

Method 2

Follow the path and browse to C:\Users\YourAccountName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\.....\, hopefully you should locate the subdirectories there.

Note: Folder "AppData" is hidden, please set to show all files system, hidden etc.

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