Apply OS: Linux

Apply Navicat Product: All

Apply Navicat Version No.: Version 8.x or above

Please notice that the problem should be related to the Fonts support in your Linux system as not all the font on Linux support "Unicode".

To solve the problem, please try steps below :

  1. In Navicat, open your table in design view.
  2. Under Fields tab, select the fields which require to show as Unicode. Change the Character set and Collation into utf8 and uft8_general_ci.
  3. Under Options tab, change the Character set and Collation into utf8--UTF-8 Unicode and uft8_general_ci.
  4. Save.
  5. Select Tools > Options. Under Font, change the Editor Font into e.g. AR PL ZenKai Uni .
  6. Re-start your Navicat.

* Select the correct Editor Font in Options until it shows your data correctly. (Repeat steps 5 and 6 above.)

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