Apply OS: macOS

Apply Navicat Product: Navicat for MySQL, Navicat Premium

Apply Navicat Version No.: Version 11

If you are using socket file to connect your server, due to a new restriction from Apple, we would like to recommend you to use TCP/IP connections.

For MAMP server, by default, MAMP requires the connection using socket file. In order to connect to MySQL server without using the socket file, in MAMP Pro control panel -> MySQL page, please uncheck Allow local access only and restart the MySQL server to try again. After that, uncheck Use socket file checkbox in Navicat's Connection Properties/Edit Connection -> Advanced tab.

If you do not want to use TCP/IP connection, please move the socket file into a folder under ~/Library/Containers/com.prect.NavicatPremium/Data for Navicat Premium. For example, ~/Library/Containers/com.prect.NavicatPremium/Data/tmp/mysql.sock . Then set the permissions of the folder (e.g. giving the tmp folder a permission of 777 and all its parent folders to 701). After that, in Connection Properties/Edit Connection -> Advanced tab, set the new file location in Use socket file text box.

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