Apply OS: Windows

Apply Navicat Product: Navicat for MySQL, Navicat for PostgreSQL, Navicat for Oracle, Navicat for SQL Server, Navicat for SQLite, Navicat for MariaDB, Navicat Premium

Apply Navicat Version No.: All

You can use your custom queries when designing your report. To use your own query:

  1. Choose Data tab in the Report Design view.
  2. Select File > New.
  3. Choose Query Designer > SQL tab.
  4. Right click on the grey text area, select Edit SQL.

You can then type in (or paste) your own SQL statement in it. You are also required to give a name to your SQL in the Name textbox above. Then the report will be based on your own SQL statement.

Note: If you change the SQL manually, you cannot use the visual design tabs (Fields, Calcs, Group, Search and Sort) to modify the query.

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