Apply OS: macOS

Apply Navicat Product: Navicat for Oracle, Navicat Premium

Apply Navicat Version No.: Version 11.0 and 11.1

For Website download version:

  1. Download Oracle instant client version 10.2.04 (32-bit) version from
  2. Extract it.
  3. Quit Navicat. Then in Finder, Ctrl-Click on Navicat bundle file.
  4. Select "Get Info".
  5. Select the checkbox "Open in 32-bit mode".
  6. Then Open the Navicat again.
  7. Under "Navicat xxx" menu, select "Preferences".
  8. Select "Environments" tab. Click on the lock on bottom left corner to unlock.
  9. Set "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" to the path where the Oracle 10 instant client is located.
  10. Click OK button to close the Preferences window. Then restart Navicat.

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